In Ink


Wisdom is 5 am clarity when the world is unspoiled potential. It comes about by self-control- by intention and not by accident.

Wisdom asks the right questions: “What can be done?” “What should be done?” Not, “What do I want to do?”

Where is wisdom today? I know where it’s not. It’s not in my typing fingers nor the keys they touch. Wisdom escapes me there… so I will write- slowly and thoughtfully. I’ll write in ink with no way to delete; like a single-shot rifle
I have to make it count.
In ink that remains when the power goes out
I will write in search of wisdom
knowing that my words will remain.
Oh, the responsibility of writing words which do not fade!
Let them not be in vain- No!-
not like a stain from a hasty gesture;
rather, may they be like paint upon my brush
forming thoughts as I touch
the very face of-

The fear of God.
It’s mighty odd
to those who do not know Him.
And if that were not odd enough
we’re also called to love Him.
Putting nothing else
above Himself
He calls us then to love
each other with the love
with which He first loved us. Love-
that never ends with time
and although dying, never dies. Love-
that breaks all other ties,
that glories in self-sacrifice
without even thinking twice
about the price, the cost,
for whom all was lost,
but it’s alright
‘cause in the darkness shines this light
that we may come
to know Him,
fear Him,
love Him.
Knowing Him we rise above
and love each other with His love
In this I find what should be done-
today’s assignment: wisdom.

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