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Sentimental Values

I sold a tractor today.  It was my grandfather’s tractor which, upon Grandpa’s death, passed to my uncle who sold it to me.  I wouldn’t admit it when I bought the tractor, but I was trying to purchase the memories associated with it.  … Continue reading

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The Grand Purpose.

It’s just a blog, right?  I mean, it doesn’t need to have some Grand Purpose, does it?  Sure, there are blogs about politics, religion, philosophy, science and almost any other topic you can imagine.  But my favorite blogs are simple.  Like a good song, the best blogs articulate a thought, experience or … Continue reading

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Let me introduce you to my wife…

Have you met my wife?  You have met her if you’ve seen the movie The Blindside.  No, she’s not an actress… she’s a character.  My wife’s name is Jessica, but her persona is LeAnn Tuohy.  Jess could play that part … Continue reading

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Country folks can survive.

It’s an exciting time to be a country boy.  Why?  Because people are looking toward the country.  As this world races on toward panacea or hell, which ever you believe, it causes a person to question the uninterrupted supply of his or her … Continue reading

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