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Say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave?

Have you ever wondered why we end our national anthem with a rhetorical question? I have. And I’d like to answer it. Continue reading

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Love is effective.

Love. Should it really be the reason for everything you do? Love God, love one another… Jesus says the entire Law of God hangs on these two things. This must be an important idea because it’s echoed by John (the … Continue reading

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After reading Romans 6:1-23

I’ll take You at Your word I see the worlds You have built- out of nothing- and Your wonders are speaking still All glory and honor to You. Lord don’t let my prayers be hindered by the sins that I … Continue reading

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Friend, are you weary and withered? Like a branch broken by the wind, tossed aside?- Whose leaves will never bud again no matter how they try? Who picks up branches and kindly reattaches what the wind has blown away? Ridiculous … Continue reading

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In Ink

Wisdom is 5 am clarity when the world is unspoiled potential. It comes about by self-control- by intention and not by accident. Wisdom asks the right questions: “What can be done?” “What should be done?” Not, “What do I want … Continue reading

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Is there any hope?

“Is there any hope?” My grandfather used to ask this question all the time. Sometimes it was his greeting. When we’d go for coffee, Grandpa would come in, sit down, look at his huge hands as if for the first … Continue reading

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The beginning of a prayer

There’s a lot of talk about God in our culture these days. Have you noticed it? There’s talk about how God does or does not exist. About how He is or is not just. About whether or not He really has … Continue reading

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