After reading Romans 6:1-23

I’ll take You at Your word
I see the worlds You have built- out of nothing-
and Your wonders are speaking still

All glory and honor to You.

Lord don’t let
my prayers be hindered by the sins that I commit-
only show me, search me, and I will repent.


the cords of death
will fall from my neck
and these scales from my eyes and my
deaf ears will hear and I will cry, rejoice
with a loud voice unto my Lord
as a slave not worthy of reward.

But reward You do-
with Life, when I abide
in the Vine not subject to time
and I will claim as mine the Divine
as He comes and lives inside
and Together We will dine, He and I,
as my old man dies.

But praise God! I will rise
a new man to thrive
in a New Land
where sin finds its end
and true Life begins.

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