The beginning of a prayer

There’s a lot of talk about God in our culture these days. Have you noticed it? There’s talk about how God does or does not exist. About how He is or is not just. About whether or not He really has spoken, whether He has authority to tell us how to live our lives.

The words of our times- from the words we share on Facebook and Twitter and the buzz on the Gotcha websites to the thinly veiled talking points on the news- they form a noisy mob my ears. They shout at me… telling me where to go and how to act when I get there; telling me what to read and how to understand it. You- even you, if you have ever shared words with me- are among the voices. I think about what you think.

When the voices get overwhelming (which is often), I go to God. Yes, I take you before God… without your permission. I try to relate you to me, me to Him and Him to you. I ask Him… How does it all come together? What is the meaning? Is there reconciliation for all these different voices?… because somehow I know we are all one- bound by the same condition. And yet we are different. There is but One truth but there are many perceptions of it… each person has their own vantage point. There must be a vantage point Above, so I seek Him.

Why am I telling you this? As I was seeking His vantage point this morning, I brought some of your words before Him. I wrote them down for you.

If You were sitting here- right… here-
if these walls could contain You;
If You were here I’d look You in the eye…

But much to my surprise
I recognize my pride.
I could not look You in the eye.

Somehow I know You’re kind,

But somewhere deep inside
I scream bloody murder, holy terror-
Where have You been?
When the innocent were dying and the wicked men were lying-
Where were You then?

But then I choke upon my words, for
the fault was never Yours
and I’m sorry that I tried to blame you, Lord.

Yes, I just called you Lord.
What other hope do I have?
If not You, then who? Me?
There is no hope for one so weak-

No hope apart from strength,
no strength apart from You.
So I throw myself down before Your throne.
You are a King, I am only a pawn.

This work is not finished. Or… maybe it is too finished for you. If I lost you at “Lord” or somewhere before that just ignore the whole thing. But if you were still with me at the end, that’s a good place to begin. Go ahead, talk to Him.

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