The Grand Purpose.

It’s just a blog, right?  I mean, it doesn’t need to have some Grand Purpose, does it?  Sure, there are blogs about politics, religion, philosophy, science and almost any other topic you can imagine.  But my favorite blogs are simple.  Like a good song, the best blogs articulate a thought, experience or emotion that I can relate to.  I like it when the author talks to me like a friend, the same way that I am talking to you… like we’re just two friends talking about life and the human condition.

So… what do I have to share?  Why do I take the time to write?  It’s not that I think that my experiences are unique; quite the contrary.  I lead a mundane life.  The emotions that I feel are not new, either.  I don’t have any wisdom of my own; I have borrowed everything that I know.  Yet, I’m sure that I have something worth sharing.  Something life-changing.  Something worth reading about.

I wish that the words that I write could be a painting.

I wish that the words that I write could be a painting.  The subject matter is my life and the colors are my emotions.  Experiences and circumstances are displayed as objects like trees, hills and skies.  The faces and likenesses of people that I have known are scattered about in the contexts which I knew them.  And when it is finished, you don’t see me in it anywhere; instead you see Jesus.  That would be a great painting.

Why Jesus?  Isn’t He just a mythical character?  A teacher?  A prophet?  I wasn’t there when He was, but I believe that He is my Maker.  All of history points to Him.  Moses claimed that God allowed him to see His backside so that Moses would not be destroyed by God’s glory.  Moses was awestruck by His glorious grace and truth.  Jesus Himself lived grace and spoke Truth some 1500 years later.  Enough of Him has been passed down in books that I can confidently say that He had divine understanding and supernatural love.  Is it too much to hope that you could see Him in me?  Could I possibly write in such a way that you would enjoy reading about my life as I attempt to display the grace and truth that I have been shown?  I hope so.

And so… there it is, the Grand Purpose:  to share simple words about ordinary experiences from a common life that has been changed by extraordinary grace and Truth in a way that we can all relate to.

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4 Responses to The Grand Purpose.

  1. Samantha says:

    The sad truth is that some will not be able to relate… because they don’t know God’s extraordinary grace and truth.
    Psalm 25:5 – Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God o fmy salvation; On you I wait all the day

    • Well Sam, at least there’s one who does. I suspect there may be more… and if there are, and if they consider my writing worth the time that it takes to read it… then I will keep it up. Thanks for reading and commenting. It means alot to me.

  2. Prodigus Veritas says:

    Nicely done. Not to be confused with the Grand Porpoise – the potentate of marine mammals.

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