Let me introduce you to my wife…

Have you met my wife?  You have met her if you’ve seen the movie The Blindside.  No, she’s not an actress… she’s a character.  My wife’s name is Jessica, but her persona is LeAnn Tuohy.  Jess could play that part without acting.

For those of you who haven’t been blessed by this movie, LeAnn Tuohy is the lead female role.  Mrs. Tuohy is beautiful, well dressed and always made-up.  But the most important parallels between these two characters are not physical.  Mrs. Tuohy is a paradox.  She is some combination of Rosie the Riveter (pictured) and Mother Theresa.  She is staunch, unwavering, defensive and intolerant of injustice; yet she is graceful, loving, forgiving and kind.  One moment she is chastizing her loved ones, but with the very next breath she is ferociously defending them.  She is fearless, brave, even reckless when protecting her family.  She nurtures, comforts and coddles those who are dear to her in their times of trouble.  She is impetuous, impatient and pushy.  She is always sincere.  She is fiercely loyal.  She is a formidable foe and a dear friend.  High caliber people like my wife and Mrs. Tuey are few and far between.  I’m not sure that I measure up to their standard.  Oh no, they’re not perfect… far from it.  But they’re sincere and honest; you never have to wonder where they stand or what they think.  There are no pretenses, no falsehoods and no cover-ups.

My description of these women may cause you to believe that they are intimidating and unapproachable, but do not be afraid.  Jess and Mrs. Tuohy seem to have developed many of these personality traits to use as defense mechanisms (read: bullshit detectors).  If you are trustworthy and honest then you needn’t worry, just be bold and forthright.  If you try to lie or withhold the truth, then you should cringe and cower.  When you argue with her, you will never win.  If you’re right, she’ll never admit it… but soon enough, you’ll know.  Don’t give up on her, she’ll come around.

Have you ever met my wife?  Now that she has been characterized by a leading role in a successful film, you can meet her at your local Blockbuster Video or in your next order from Netflix.  If you haven’t, then I hope you will.  You will be blessed.

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  1. Roger Chapman says:

    ABSOLUTELY GREAT blog!!! I love it! 🙂

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